MIni tasting course

A simple and informal tasting approach, wandering among vines and wines to discover the food-wine pairing.

It is not a real course, but a tasting itinerary articulated in 4 evenings as follows:

1st evening: the prestige of the effervescence of sparkling wines

2nd evening: the charm of the variety of white wines

3rd evening: the magic of the shades of red wines

4th evening: the elegance of the flavours of sweet and passito wines

The evenings will take place in the company of a Fisar sommelier , who with professionalism but in a convivial way will be able to describe each wine and involve your senses to get to understand how to choose the perfect wine for every occasion!

  • Are you interested? Send us an e-mail indicating your place of residence and you will be notified about the date of activation of the nearest course to you !
  • Are you a restaurant or similar? Contact us to offer the course to your customers or organize a guided tasting during your dinner !