Trekking with an Alpaca

Trekking of about 3 km. walking with an Alpaca through vineyards and the forest of Montello.

Lungo il tragitto la guida illustrerà le caratteristiche morfologiche del colle e le specie
During the walk you will be informed about the morphological characteristics of the hill and the faunistic and arboreal species, as well as about the remains of the Great War which are present in the forest of the company.

A slow walking, during which you will be able to be completely connected with nature and at the end it will be possible to taste a glass of prosecco coming fron the vineyards you visited.

Available every day, also in English or German, for a group of min. 4 and max 14 people, duration of about 2 hours and a half (difficulty of trekking: easy)