Hello, let me introduce myself:

my name is Roberta Brandazzi, I have a passion for foreign languages and wine!

I was born in Milan where I attended the linguistic lyceum and the High School for Interpreters and Translators (graduating in German), I have been living in Veneto for 15 years, near Treviso, and it is here that my love for wine began, leading me to become a Sommelier F.I.S.A.R (Italian Federation Sommelier Hotels and Restaurants)-

I worked as foreign correspondent in many sectors, but in the latest years above all in the wine and food sector, joining the commercial activity also with the direct contact with the public, caring about hospitality of Italian and foreign customers in a wine cellar, with particular attention to the visit of the structure and tasting of the company wines.

Since 2019 I work as freelancer for some wine companies and in 2020 I obtained the certification as tour leader in English, German and French.

At present I also care about the promotion of the territory including Asolo, Valdobbiadene and near cities, as well as tour organization working with local guides and travel incoming agencies.